Ridge Vent Animal Contol – A Must For Animal Exclusion

Ridge Vent Animal Control is important for nuisance animal exclusion on any roof that uses ridge vents as part of an essential ventilation system.  Here in the USA, the construction of most roofs will include ridge vents.  Ridge vents protect shingles from over-heating in the summer and prevent ice dams or the build-up of excess moisture in the winter because they help the roof and attic space to ‘breathe’.  These vents extend the life of the shingles and the roof. Also, the vents reduce energy costs as well as make the building more comfortable to live in.

Peak Protector Is The High-Performance Roof Ridge Protection Against The Intrusion Of Pests Like Bats, Mice, Rats, Squirrels, And Birds. PP installs cleanly on your roof ridge displaying a professional aesthetically pleasing look.  

Peak Protector – The Best Ridge Vent Animal Control Product

Standard construction industry ridge vents come in a range of designs that are seamless and difficult to see, let alone examine from ground level.  All these designs allow a healthy flow of air in and out, but that’s not enough.  They give unwanted nuisance animals or birds aa easy way to enter a roof space or attic.  These vents are an open invitation to bats or mice which can squeeze through the narrowest of gaps. Furthermore, they offer no protection from squirrels or rats. Also, forget about defending an unwanted visitor such as a raccoon.  The best way to protect a roof is to install a method of Ridge Vent Animal Control such as Peak Protector.

Made here in the USA, Peak Protector is versatile and can protect ANY style of ridge vent, guaranteed.  Peak Protector blends in well with the roofline, much like ridge vents do.  It’s a unique product on the market, designed in weatherproof and sturdy 48” long lengths that are easy to transport, to handle at heights and to install.  Check out the facts about Peak Protector here.

Peak Protector – The Cost-Effective Solution To Prevent Expensive Roof Repairs

In the construction industry, the ridge vent is all about ventilation.  For those in the Wildlife Control Industry, the need for Ridge Vent Animal Control is just as important.  A product such as Peak Protector is the best way to protect existing ridge vents on a roof before nuisance animals cause damage.  Leaks and water damage, ripped shingles, chewed wires, or soiled insulation along with health concerns are all potential hazards following nuisance animal intrusion.  Peak Protector is a cost-effective solution to prevent expensive repairs, structural or otherwise.  Installing Peak Protector as part of a new roof is also an excellent time to ensure Ridge Vent Animal Control.   

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